Main Street


This street is 260 meters long and is the nerve centre of l´Arboç. It offers a number of touristic attractions, including buildings of different architectural styles from various periods. Some houses of great architectural value still remain intact today, their origins and styles ranging from medieval to neo-gothic, modernist and neoclassical.

In the middle of the Main Street, next to the Sant Julià Church, lies the plaça de la Vila (Town Square), which still retains a stretch of medieval arches that form an arcade. The square also houses the Escola de Puntaires de l’Arboç (Lacemaking School of l’Arboç), the only official centre of lacemakers in Catalonia, with more than 70 years of history.

Some outstanding buildings that we can visit on Carrer Major are: the Casa de Cultura (no. 37), which houses, among other municipal services, the Tourist Office, the Youth Information Point, the Auditorium and the Museu de Puntes al Coixí;  the Rectory (no. 13) contains three floors of Catalan neo-Gothic style; Cal Mas (no. 23); Cal Freixas (The Confiança) (no. 31), modernist style building and pastry shop; Ca l’Amiguet (no. 33); Ca la Casimira (no. 35); Ca l’Escarrà (no. 41); the building Les Amèriques, (no. 43) with a wooden statue on the roof of Christopher Columbus, dated 1888, which served as a model for the one in Barcelona; the Casa de l’Abat Escarrè (no. 53) from the 17th century and which preserves furniture and family objects. In one of the side streets, Carrer dels Missers, is the Arbocenc Archive, which holds old documents, photographs and newspapers from the town.

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